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Getting to know the twins… The Magic Awakens! 

Check out our first episode HERE

Show notes from this episode:  The Twins answer Questions.

Recorded November 2015

Introduction Questions:
1.Which park was your “first visit” at?
Both:  Our first “Park” experience was at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

When was your first visit to Walt Disney World?
M: 1981

A: 1979

2. What other Disney parks/ experiences have you visited? when?
Other than the 4 theme parks/ water parks/ and Disney Springs (Downtown Disney) at the Walt Disney World complex, Maryann has visited Disneyland in Paris and Arianne has been to Disneyland in California.

3. When was your last trip to Walt Disney World? Next trip?

M: Last trip – October 2015; Next trip – New Years 2016

A: Last trip – November 2015; Next trip – January 2016

4. Are there any WDW resorts you have not stayed at?

M: Art of Animation, Old Key West, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach

A:  Art of Animation, Polynesian, Saratoga Springs

* The original idea for the Pop Century resort included two distinct areas, which were separated by a large bridge called the “Generation Gap”. The section we know and love is termed the “Classic Years,” the older decades would have been called the “Legendary Years.”

5. What is your favorite value, moderate, deluxe resort?

M: Value: Pop Century; Moderate: Fort Wilderness; Deluxe: Contemporary (Bay Lake Tower)

A: Value: Pop Century; Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside; Deluxe: Yacht Club or Boardwalk
6. What is your favorite WDW park to visit?
M: Epcot

A:  Growing up I loved Hollywood Studios, 20’s Epcot, 30’s Magic Kingdom
Tune in next week for the second part of our introduction episode.


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