The 2016 Flower and Garden Festival 

Check out our 2016 Flower and Garden Festival episode HERE




Show notes:
•March 2nd through May 30th.

•15 days longer

•Festival specific merchandise is available including a magic band, pins, and a Dooney and Bourke purses featuring Figment.

•Topiaries highlights of this year include – Ranger Mickey, Huey/ Dewey/ Louie, and the Fab 5!

•Check out the Garden Rocks series listings

•Grab your Garden Passport which has a listing of all topiaries, weekend events, outdoor kitchens, and gardens.

•A garden must do is the Butterflies on the Go and a Kitchen must do is Pineapple Promenade (to get your Dole Whip with Rum, Desert Violet Lemonade, and Spicy Hot Dog)

•Be sure to take the Monorail so you can see all of the flower beds

•Check out the menus for the food featured at the event on your My Disney Experience

•To help yourself budget with the Outdoor Kitchens, grab yourself a Festival gift card and load it with the amount you want to spend.
Funny video of guy climbing Mexico


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