The 2016 March Magic Tournament 

Highlights from this episode:

• The March Magic Tournament is an annual social media tournament where Disney attractions compete for the title of ultimate Disney attraction.

• 32 attraction-inspired teams (16 teams from Disneyland and Walt Disney World) play each other through each round of the tournament similar to the NCAA 64 tournaments.

• The tournament started March 15, where you can cast your vote for your favorite Disney attraction on either Facebook and/ or Twitter.

• Maryann and Arianne filled out their brackets putting a friendly wager of loser buys the winner a treat of their choice.

• The final matchup between the top two attractions will take place on April 4.

•Graphic t-shirts featuring the March Magic 2016 teams are available for purchase at The Disney Store. (Online only)

• Both of the Twins original picks have been eliminated.

• Stay tuned to our Instagram to see who will win the side bet.


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