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The Disney Twins and the Quest for more Disney

fullsizerenderSo you’re probably wondering…. When are you girls gonna start uploading new vlog episodes?  How about your podcast? It’s been forever since we last saw a Pixie Dust Pointer.  There are new rides to ride and things to see.  Help us Disney Twins… you’re the only one!

Soon… very soon!  We promise.  And trust us… it will be worth the wait.

We have some exciting episodes that include ride alongs of park attractions, showcasing the many restaurants available on property, special events, tips for planning your trips, merchandise hauls, and of course a first glances at the resorts we call home during our stays.  Not to mention more Disney Fun where you get to play along with us and new segments like Disney 101 with Professor Maryann and so much more.

So stay tuned to The Disney Twins blog, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

Is there something at Disney you would like us to discuss, or are you looking for specific tips on going to Walt Disney World? Let us know!

In the mean time enjoy this little trailer (HERE) and join us at our blog TheDisneyTwins.wordpress.com where we will be spotlighting new segments weekly.


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