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Pixie Dust Pointers – Top 3 Things to take with you when heading to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.


So —You are headed to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  You have taken it easy that day.  You are well rested and ready to go.  You have eaten your dinner and you have a plan of attack.  But don’t forget to bring along these…


Top 3 Things to take with you when heading to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


#1 A Bag for your Trick or Treat bags.

IMG_2946.JPGNow yes, Disney does provide trick or treat bags.  But I always suggest bringing a bag to put these little plastic bags in.  What kind of bag you ask? I just use a reusable Disney Character shopping bag.  Like the ones you can get at the Disney Store or the $1 section at Target (good for 2-3 bags) or The Disney Store ones are perfect if you have more than 3 members collection candy. Why? Well… those treat bags are small and for some kids (and some large adults that are able to score handfuls of candy from cast members while some of us only get 1 piece like your Charlie Brown or something ::cough, cough:: Kevin) these bags fill up quickly. They will also become heavy.  So you will probably end up carrying not only yours but also your kids.  So tossing all of these bags in one bag makes life so much easier. Use this bag to store your treat bags when you are not trick or treating for easy transport.  Especially, at the end of the night and your kids are tired.  Trying to wrangle sleeping kids and a stroller is hard enough.  Add bags filled with precious candy? Who will you go for first when one starts to fall? That’s right.  The candy.  Just kidding!   So having them all in one easy bag to carry makes life easier.  Also note we have been to parties where the first few candy stations that we went to ran out of bags.  We were collecting candy in our hands (or on the baby) and throwing them all on the stroller.  Ended up going in and getting a shopping bag.

#2 Things that light up

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The park is darker than it usually is at night so bring on the light up fun.  I usually hit the dollar section at Target for glow sticks and other light up fun.  Disney Parks even has these adorable Mickey Ghost Glow Lanyards.  So if it glows and lights up — bring it!  And if you are bringing a stroller, bring something that you can decorate it with and will also be easy to spot in the stroller parking areas.  I have these battery operated lights (Christmas Target $1 section) that we string around the stroller.



#3 Costumes (plus change of clothes or underdressing for the kids)


FullSizeRender 6 copy.jpg
I have lost count to how many years we have attended this party since its inception in the 90’s.  Every visit was a completely different experience. I have gone in a full Cruella De Vil costume including a coat that weighed 10 lbs. to a group of 15 Pirates (before the first Pirates movie came out and it was popular to dress as pirates).   There are some years that I have just worn a Disney halloween shirt and Pumpkin Mouse Ears.  Now costumes will not make or break your experience. But every year when I don’t wear one I sort of regret it when we get to the party.  So even if you are an adult— I say go for it.  At least one time.

As far as kids — I definitely suggest having your kids wear costumes to this event.  FullSizeRender 6 copy 2.jpgThey will see other kids at the park that are dressed up. So plan accordingly. Look for options that are weather friendly.  Remember it can still be in the 90’s during these months in Orlando.  You can get double use of this years costume or pull out last years.  I always have a change of clothes for the little one to change into (might even be her pjs).  For the older one (if she is wearing something not Disneybound like — like a Princess Dress) I have her wear a tank top and shorts (or leggings) under her costume.  This way if for any reason she needs to take it off, she can do so.



Now these things are not mandatory to have a good time at this party.  These are merely suggestions to enhance your experience.  The most important thing to bring with you is your ghoulishly fun self and of course your sweet tooth.

So there it is. Our top 3 suggestions of things to bring to Mickey’s Not-so-scary Halloween Party.

What are your tips for this spooktacular party? Let us know!




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