Disney Fun Time

The Haunted Mansion Murder Mystery

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I was stalking our friend’s Facebook who was bounding around the Magic Kingdom the other day.  I guess her friend sent her on a mission to take pictures of the busts at the Haunted Mansion. Yet, I don’t think he was specific to which ones he wanted.  She took pictures of the ones in the queue line.  I, of course, being newly educated and schooled by our friend Andrew (who we like to call our Haunted Mansion expert) was quick to ask if she solved the murder.


I know, right??!!! I didn’t know about this myself until our trip last May.  You see, if you Fast Pass this ride, like we quite often do 99% of the time, you’ll miss it.  There are actually 3 different interactive games/ activities to keep you entertained in this line and I would say over half the people that walk by them every day don’t even realize it.  Or if they do — they don’t know their full extent.

But today we are going to focus on the Murder Mystery!

It feels a little weird discussing murder and The Magic Kingdom in the same sentence but when it comes to the Haunted Mansion —  I shouldn’t expect anything less.  As a little girl, I grew up solving mysteries, obsessed with the game (and movie) Clue, trying to figure out Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, up early on Saturday’s to watch A Pup named Scooby Doo, and reading Encyclopedia Brown books. So this? This is my idea of fun! And it’s at Disney!!!  What could be better? So dust off your… what did Sherlock call it? A Death Frisbee? and find your magnifying glass. The game is a foot.

Now, just so we are clear from the beginning— I will not be solving this mystery for you.   No, no, no… That is not why I am writing this.  Yes, I found it was pretty easy to solve.  But I am pretty sure it was made with little sleuths in mind.  It is also designed to solve in a short amount of time.  So, that is what I want you to do.  I want YOU to solve it.  On your next trip.

But here is a little bit of a background.

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At the very beginning of your “line waiting journey” you will walk past this little courtyard to your right.  Very little.  And if the line is moving you might just walk right past it.  But don’t.  Stop.  Take pictures if you must.  But stop.  Pay attention to all of the details.  And I mean all of the details.





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You will see Five Busts.  Each busts features a member of the Dread Family.  Below their busts is a sort of epitaph and when you put all of them together you have the makings of a mystery.


Going left to right you will see Bertie, Aunt Florence, Uncle Jacob, The Twins (Wellington and Forsythia), and Cousin Maude.



The epitaph inscriptions read as follows:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Bertie – “Avid hunter and expert shot, in the end that’s what he got.”

Aunt Florence – “Never did a dishonorable deed, yet found face down in canary seed.”

Uncle Jacob – “Greed was the poison he had swallowed. He went first, the others followed. His killer’s face he surely knew. Now try to discover who killed who.”

The Twins – “Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on their heads.”

Cousin Maude – “Our sleeping beauty, who never awoke the night her dreams went up in smoke.”

Now these words will only help solve this mystery but so much.  You will need a keen eye to observe the busts for additional clues.

And that is where I leave you.


So — the next time you are finding yourself fast passing The Haunted Mansion, don’t.  Take the time to wait in line and see if you too can solve this crime before your tour of the Haunted Mansion begins.



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