Pixie Dust Pointers

Pixie Dust Pointers – Epcot Scavenger Hunt Tips and Tricks

So — you are headed to Epcot during the International Festival of the Arts, the International Flower and Garden Festival, or the International Food and Wine Festival.  You have decided to hunt down Figment in a work of art, Spike the Bee amongst the flowers, Eggs that look like Disney Characters, or Remy holding ingredients to his favorite dish.  Here are some our our Tips and Tricks for a successful hunt.


1) If this is something you know you want to do — as you come up to World Showcase, stop at the Port of Entry and purchase your map. This will prevent you from backtracking through World Showcase. Be sure to use any discounts that may apply.  (i.e. Annual Passholder, Cast Member, etc.)



2) Due to low exterior lighting, plan on searching during daylight hours.  Once the sun goes down, finding your subject can get tricky.  If you are searching in the dark, pull out the flashlight on your phone.

3) Just because an egg, Remy, Figment, or Spike was in a certain spot before, doesn’t mean they will all be in the same location. You might find one near a food location, but that doesn’t mean they are all near food.  That’s right, they change it up, keeping you on your toes, varying the locations by each specific hunt and each year.



4)  Look up and down and all around for your subject. Some are easy to find while staying on the main loop around World Showcase, but some might be hidden throughout the Countries.  I have been surprised where they are able to hide these things, including stores, restaurants, and exterior landmarks.

5) When in doubt, ask a Cast Member for a hint or a clue!  More often than not, Cast Members in that area know where the subject is hiding.

5)  For added fun, get your picture with the object you just found.  Some of our favorite candied shots are of us posing pointing up at an egg or Remy.  If you are searching as a group — get everyone in the shot.


6)  When searching with younger Mouseketeers (that might get easily frustrated not being able to find what you are looking for) come up with a “saying” for when someone else in your group finds your subject.  Then use a version of “You’re Hot or You’re Cold” as they get closer or further away to help guide them towards the location without giving it away.  For example you can quote your favorite line from Ratatouille like “Anyone can cook” or just shout out what we do… “Rat patootie!” when you find a Remy.

So — there you have it!  Our 6 tips and tricks for success while hunting throughout Epcot’s many scavenger hunts.  Happy Searching!

What is your favorite scavenger hunt to do at Epcot? Let us know!




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