Disney Fun Time

Craft Time: Felt Mickey Pretzel Craft

It’s National Pretzel Day! Unfortunately, we are not at the Disney Parks to celebrate properly with a Mickey Pretzel. Or with one of Maryann’s favorite, the Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzel from the Lunching Pad.

But… If you’re at home, like us, and looking for fun arts and crafts projects to do with your kids (or kids at heart) we have the perfect project for you.  And it has a Disney Twist… so even better!

We love playing in our play kitchen and making felt food is one of our favorite crafty go-to’s. So what better way to celebrate National Pretzel Day, than making a felt Mickey Pretzel.

Felt Mickey Pretzel
Felt Mickey Pretzel

Want to make your own? You will need the following: IMG_1205.JPG

  • Tan Felt
  • Brown Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun w/ glue
  • White Fabric Paint (we used imagin8 – Crystal Glitter White found at Michaels)
  • Pen
  • cardstock (to make Mickey template)


What to do:

Step 1: Use pen to trace Mickey on Tan felt.  Then cut out.


Step 2: Cut out facial features with brown felt.


Step 3: Use glue gun to attach brown facial features on top of tan Mickey cut out.


Step 4: Use fabric paint to create a salt look on the “Pretzel”.


Step 5: Let dry according to paints directions.

Step 6: Play!

We hope you are having a fun day celebrating National Pretzel Day!  And if you make your own Felt Mickey Pretzels, share them with us by tagging us on Instagram @the_disney_twins and by using the #thedisneytwins hashtag.


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