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#MoodMonday : Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival – Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots

It’s hard to believe we are less than 30 days away from Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival ending on May 28th.  And if you are like us, you still have one more trip to see these lovely gardens before they disappear.


One of our favorite thing to do while walking around is take pictures of all the gorgeous gardens and flowers. But don’t forget to put yourself in the action.  As a kid I remember seeing hundreds of pictures from our countless trips to Disney.  But I can only remember a handful of them including members of my family.  I try desperately not to become my Dad only taking pictures of ducks, parades, squirrels, and buildings. I also try to remember to not be my Mom and make sure I am in a picture or two.

The gardens at the Flower and Garden Festival make the perfect backdrop for some stunning family photos.  And Disney knows it too!  They have PhotoPass photographers stationed near some of the gardens and topiaries all over Epcot.  I’ll be the first to say I love letting these guys take the photos for us.  For starters, I get to be in the picture too (without having my lovely “taking a selfie Jabba the Hutt chin” make an appearance)  and #2 they know how to incorporate the vibrant gardens and flowers into the picture.  Capturing a shot I simply can’t do while trying to wrangle a 2-year old.

Then… there are the Magic Shots.


If you haven’t heard about Magic Shots… well… hold on to your Polaroid… because these are photos taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer with a little bit of Disney Magic added to them.  They have been doing them for some time now but in the last year or so they have really stepped up their game.  Some of the shots have you recreating a favorite movie moment (so don’t hesitate to ham it up), enjoying your vacation with a Disney Character (can Orange Bird BE any cuter?), or reacting to a fun surprise (now I ask you… how did Pascal get on her head?).  You never know who – or what – will appear in your photos.  And since these shots change with the seasonal events, you best believe they added some specialty ones in for the Flower and Garden Festival.



During our trip in April we were able to get a few of these taken.  In the few short hours we spent at the Flower and Garden Festival we hit up a few of the photographers and we were able to snag a few of these specialty shots.


Additional shots include: Spike the Bee, Fairy Wings, and a Flower and Garden Festival Photo Frame prop.  These PhotoPass/ Magic Shots have certainly become one of our “Must-do things” during each trip.  We are hoping to get a few more of the festival pictures taken during our trip in May.  I definitely have my eye set on that Spike the Bee Magic Shot.

TIP #1:  Be sure to ask your PhotoPass Photographer which Magic Shots they are able to take.  Let them know which ones you have already had taken.

TIP #2:  If you are heading to the parks and are curious to which Magic Shots will be available during your trip, head over to the Disney PhotoPass Service Facebook page, navigate to the Photos tab, and then to the Albums. This Disney PhotoPass page updates their albums regularly with which Magic Shots are currently available and where they can typically be found.

What is your favorite Magic Shot? Do you have one that is a must-do for the Flower and Garden Festival? Tell us!




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