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The Magic Kingdom: 6 Land Challenge



We are always looking for new and fun things to do while at the parks.  The downside to going as often as we do is keeping it fresh and engaging for our kids.  We often fall into the trap of making the same 3 FastPasses and hitting the same rides, snacking on the same snacks, and sadly doing the same thing we did the last time we were there.  Funny enough our most memorable days are sometimes the ones we were able to break free from the regular day and do something completely different.

Like… there was one day we went to the Magic Kingdom and played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom all day.  We went from portal to portal, land to land defeating all of the nasty bad guys and then… finally Hades.  All in one day.  We didn’t ride many rides that day. But we had such a great time playing.   It’s been 4 years since that trip and I am surprised that it’s still a day at the park that we all still talk about.

During our last day trip (Presidents Day) I wanted to do something that would break us free from our usual 3 fast passes that I had made weeks earlier.  Ever since I had learned of the 46 ride challenge (where you ride all the rides at Disney World in one day) I have wanted to take on a challenge.  But those types of challenges are tricky when you have 2 kids that aren’t able to ride all the rides.  I searched and searched for ideas and finally around 11pm Sunday night,  I gave up searching and came up with this idea.  The Magic Kingdom 6 Land Challenge.  Perfect for our short amount of time in the park and hopefully guarantee we would be trying something new.  Also partly because I knew I wanted to try some treats we had yet to try.  This Challenge was an easy way to get the others trying new things on board.  And boy, did they jump on the boat with me.

It’s a simple concept.  Ride a ride in each land.  Eat a snack in each land.  Get your picture taken in each land.


See? Simple.  I quickly made a chart to track our adventure.  Printed it out and tucked it safely in our “Park Bag” for the next day.  During our car ride, I explained our quest for the day.  Which quickly prompted a discussion on what snacks were we going to get.  That soon transitioned into “What ride would we ride?” then segued into the 7 year old suggesting we ride something new! (Bingo!) This entire discussion lasted about an hour. Which for those of you that travel by car to Disney – is HUGE!

When we got to the park, I pulled out our paper and off we went.  We had an absolute blast. We tried new treats that are now new favorites.

Cheshire Cat Tail – Fantasyland

Stopped and rode things we haven’t done in several trips. And we documented it by taking pictures of ourselves on the rides.  Which we clearly need to work on our “Family Selfies while on rides” technique.

Walt Disney World Railroad 

During the ride home as we were all talking about our day I realized we would be doing this again.  I immediately pulled out my phone making notes and thinking of ways to expand on the challenge.  I also spruced up the original one page grid to something that resembles a passport (modeled after the ones Epcot uses for their festivals).  It’s been a few weeks, but we are excited to share with your our Magic Kingdom 6 Land Challenge.

Join us on a whirlwind adventure as you travel all around the kingdom in our Magic Kingdom 6 Land Challenge.  Will you meet the quest of riding rides, tasting the treats, and capturing it all on film? Or will the Challenge prevail?


Below are 4 links that you are more than welcome to use for your own personal adventure use.  We do ask that you please do not reproduce these pages in any way and if you share them, please let others know you got them from us.  🙂

Each land has their own page which includes a list of all rides and attractions, place where you can write your treat selections, and a checklist with photo suggestions.  Once you have completed that land, you can mark it complete.

For those of you that would like a bigger challenge, check out the Challenge Level page.  You can decide which of the 4 levels you and your group will take on.

And be sure to share your adventure on Instagram by using #mk6landchallenge and tag us @the_disney_twins so we can follow along.





  • Printing tip:  For a  finished book (in park order) print page 1 (front) then print page 4 (back). Print Pages 2 and 3 together (front and back) on the same paper.





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