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Bourbon Trail at Disney Springs

When I said “Hey Honey, wanna do a Bourbon Trail? at Disney?”  My husband replied “A Bourbon Trail at Disney?” Those two things don’t really don’t feel like they go together.  But this year at Disney Springs, they do.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you have already read our post It’s gonna be an Incredible Summer at the Walt Disney World Resort you already know 18 of Disney Springs shops and restaurants have crafted traditional, creative, and a few unique ways to sip your bourbon.  This Trail is a must-do for the bourbon aficionado in your life.  And my husband Kevin is just that aficionado.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Ever since Kevin’s work trip to Louisville, KT back in 2011, he has become quite the connoisseur of Bourbon.  Maybe it was visiting all the distillery tours.  Or that he was able to dip his own bottle of bourbon in that beautiful red wax.  Which by the way has still never been opened.  Ever since that trip he has spent the last 7 years trying and tasting new bourbon inspired drinks.  So when I heard that Disney Springs shops and restaurants were having a unique Bourbon experience, I knew we had to make time to do this.

During our last trip we took the afternoon off from the parks and headed over to Disney Springs.  We don’t get over to Disney Springs a lot and since we have 2 girls (ages 7 and 2) we knew we would probably only get in one stop on the trail before we would have to head back to our room… so we headed to the place we have been wanting to visit since it opened in September of 2015… Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.  (I know, I know)


As two (dare I say possibly bigger than Star Wars) fans of Indiana Jones this was such a fun place to dine at.  I could have spent hours discovering the artifacts of this restaurant.  But alas, we were there for a reason.  Bourbon.


Each location on the Bourbon Trail has carefully paired a bourbon beverage with a delicious eat that will complement your drink.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar’s Bourbon Trail beverage and food selections: 

  • Coffee Old Fashioned – Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Joffrey’s Cold Brew Coffee, Vanilla Syrup, Aromatic Bitters, and served with a coffee ganache square
  • Snakebite Sliders – three gourmet beef sliders with tomato-bacon jam, house-made pickles, shredded lettuce and cheese
Coffee Old Fashioned at Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar 

Since I only had a sip of this tasty beverage, I looked to my Bourbon fan to give his thoughts… other than “it was really, really good!”.  Please note… we are not food critics.  We love food.  We know about food.  But our food review vocabulary is limited.

Don’t be thrown off by it when looking at the description.  Even though it contains Joffrey’s Cold Brew, it is not a Coffee drink (like an Irish Coffee).  It’s more like a bourbon on the rocks style drink with a splash of coffee.  It is a smooth, sweeter beverage garnished with a coffee ganache chocolate and cherry making this a perfect after dinner drink.  But it is also delicious with the Snakebite Sliders.

Snakebite Sliders at Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar  

These Sliders were simply… delicious.  Even for miniature versions they were juicy and flavorful.  The Tomato Bacon Jam is ah-mazing and now makes regular ketchup seem… well…. blah.    I am also a huge fan of the house made pickles.  *Side Note:  Server did not ask for preferred temperature.  Sliders were served at a Medium Well temperature. Be sure to request Well Done if you prefer a well done burger.  Personal thoughts:  I normally order a well done burger and had no issues with the sliders temperature.

Both of these selections on the Bourbon Trail were delicious and a must try for anyone heading to Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar (on and off the trail).  I am so glad we took the afternoon off from the parks and headed to Disney Springs.  We will definitely be heading back to try these two again.

The Bourbon Trail at Disney Springs will only run to June 17, so be sure to head down to Disney Springs and try a few new ways to sip your bourbon.  Don’t forget to visit the Disney Springs Welcome Center and pick up your Bourbon Trail guide map.

Have you traveled down the Bourbon Trail? If so, where did you go?


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