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Flavors of the Month at Magic Kingdom – June 2018



In our latest Youtube Episode Top Eats at the Magic Kingdom – Summer 2018 we shared with you one of our favorite places, Casey’s Corner, and their Hot Dog of the Month.  Who knew this was such a thing?!  But it is and Casey’s is not the only ones at the Magic Kingdom offering up new flavors each month.  We decided to share with you all the “of the month” treats and flavors you can get all month long in June.  You won’t want to miss any of these if you are heading to the Magic Kingdom this month.

Ice Cream flavor of the Month –  Rocky Road  Located at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.

Milkshake of the month –  PB&J Milkshake  Located at The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street.  This milk shake is made with vanilla ice cream, melted peanut butter, and grape jelly and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Flatbread of the Month – Beef & Bleu Flatbread Located at Pinocchio Village Hausin Fantasyland.  This Flatbread has bleu cheese, onions, and beef brisket with Alfredo sauce and brushed with a garlic butter.

Hot Dog of the Month – the Philly Cheese Steak Hot Diggity Dog Located at Casey’s Corner on Main Street.  This hot dog is topped with roast beef, sautéed peppers and onions, and cheese sauce.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog


And Main Street Bakery has just introduced a new cupcake to their bakery, the Mermaid Cupcake. This vanilla cupcake is full of sprinkles of color and topped with sea foam green buttercream, chocolate crispy pearls, sprinkles, and an iridescent mermaid tail cookie.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Just is cooking up to be one tasty month.  What “of the month” treat are you looking forward to trying? Tell us!


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