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Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (2017 Recap)

Maryann and I find it funny that we always seem to plan our trips around the same time. Without even discussing it. So it really came as no surprise when we were talking about our upcoming weekend trips for the Halloween party and realized we were going the same night.  So of course we had to party together.  As you might already know from our previous episode  about the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Dressed at Belle and Phillepe from Beauty and the Beast and Monsters Inc. Sully, Mike and Boo (times 2).


Even with The Collins family arriving an hour and a half late to the party (due to two accidents and rain) we managed to do a lot and have a spooktacular time.

So here is our Disney Twins Family take on The 2017 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.


Maryann and Ginny arrive. They get to see/ hear the “Start” of the party which includes the bells from Haunted Mansion and the announcer stating that the party has begun.  The entrance and Main Street are filled with fog and special effects.  After starting the party they head to Tomorrowland and ride People Mover and Buzz Lightyear.


Collins family arrive.  This was the first time we have ever arrived to the party after the party has started.  We are usually at some other part of the park when the party officially starts at 7pm.  It was really cool to walk down Main Street and see all the cool decorations.  These are usually turned off when we are heading out at the end of the night.



  • Special Party Event activity #1 – Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

We stop off at the Firehouse and collect our Event – exclusive spell cards for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  This year the specialty card features some of our favorites from The Country Bear Jamboree.  We then head to Tomorrowland and meet up with Ginny and Maryann who were having a “second wind” meal at Cosmic Rays.


  • Special Party Event activity #2 –  Monstrous Scream-o-ween party – staring Mike, Sulley, and Boo.  They moved this event inside to Cosmic Rays due to the rain. Despite being dressed at Monsters Inc. characters, the noise and tight space, and large crowd had the girls enjoying this dance party from a far.
  • Trick or treat station #1 – Cosmic Rays

Now that we are together and with some candy in our bags we head out to party and we head back to the heart of Tomorrowland. We decided to let the girls take the lead in deciding which ride to ride. They did an awesome job of taking turns.

  • Attraction #1 (for the group) – Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover


If you have listened to our other podcasts/ episodes you would know this is a favorite for both families.  But it is a must for the party nights.  We like to ride around looking at all the Halloween festivities in the area and come up with a game plan for the next hour or so.  AND we got to mark one off the Disney experience bucket list with seeing Space Mountain with the lights on.

After our transit trip ended we headed off to collect more candy.

  • Trick or treat station #2 – Space Mountain (probably the least decorated themed lines in the entire party)
  • Trick or treat station #3 – Carousel of Progress

At this time we stopped by the popcorn stand by Space Mountain and picked up our Mickey Pumpkin Popcorn buckets and Candy Corn Cotton Candy bags.

  • Attraction #2 – Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  • Trick or treat station #4 – Stitch’s Great Escape (Where you can find some pretty cool carved pumpkins.  Which included Space Mountain and one that Arianne swears looks like Skippy – the original Alien from Alien Encounters.)
  • Attraction #3 – Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

This is such a fun attraction to do during the party because the audience is dressed up and the performers use this as part of their show.  Kevin got picked because of his Mike costume and they did a bit with another guy “his brother” because he was also dressed as Mike.  Definitely a highlight during the Halloween party.


10:15pm Head to Fantasyland.

  • Special Party Event activity #3 – Happy Hallowishes Fireworks

This took place and we were able to watch during our walk from Tomorrowland through Fantasyland.  Which is kinda a cool place to see all the 360 degree fireworks from.

  • Attraction #4 – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


  • Trick or treat station #5 – Mickey’s PhilharMagic

This is one of the stations that has multiple candy barrels.

  • *** Special Party Event activity #4 Mickey’s PhilharMagic showing of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  So after you go through the Trick or Treat line you come into the Theater and they have the movie playing in the theater.  This is a really cool halloween thing and it is not listed as part of the specialty entertainment on the event guide. Maryann and I walked very slowly through the line to watch some of it and I kinda wish we had time to watch more.  But we had no idea this was even there.  Maybe next year we will be able to catch a few minutes of it.
  • Trick or treat station #6 – Pinocchio Village Haus
  • Trick or treat station #7 – Liberty Square Riverboat

11:00pm – Head to Liberty Square find spots to watch parade.  During this time Maryann took the girls to the Tangled Bathrooms.

  • Party Specialty Food #1 – Haunted Mansion Portrait Desserts.


Arianne headed to the Liberty Square Market to get the chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache and topped with peanut butter icing and a Haunted Mansion Quick Sand white chocolate portrait. But…. This location closes at 11pm. I was able to ask a manager where I could find it and was told to go to Aloha Isle and specifically ask for it. So I quickly made my way there and back before the parade started. The cast members at Aloha Isle also gave me a Dole Whip. For free.

  • Magic Shot #1  Hitchhiking Ghost shot.


While we waited for the parade we headed over to the PhotoPass Photographer over by The Hall of Presidents.  We got our picture taken with the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

11:15pm “Boo-To-You” Halloween Parade starts (got to Liberty Square by Hall of Presidents at 11:23)

  • Special Party Event activity #5  Mickey’s “Boo- To-You” Halloween Parade


It has been a few parties since the Collins family has actually sat down and watched this parade.  It’s a cute parade. Unfortunately, due to the rain and wet ground the Headless Horseman did not ride. There were also a few new additions since the last time we watched it.  Personal favorites are the 3 Hitchhiking Ghosts float and the Fall Festival Floats.  Very cool.

11:35pm Maryann and Ginny start to head out.  Ainsley wants to ride one last ride – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  The Collins family heads to Fantasyland.

  • Magic Shot #2 Tangled Lantern

Yes, this shot is available at any time. But this was the first time we had seen a photographer here since they started doing this shot.

  • Attraction #5 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Kevin and Ainsley head off to ride right before midnight.

  • Photo Shot #3 – Ariel  (Madigan and Arianne)
  • Trick or Treat Station #8 – Pete’s Silly Sideshow

This location has 2 sides and each side has multiple treat stops.  You can go in one side and go back around and hit the other side.

Late night tip *  At the end of the night Cast Members tend to empty out their barrels in your bags so be ready to get handfuls of candy.  Hitting as many of these candy stops in the last 15 minutes of the night can result in lots of candy.


After loading up our bags with candy Maddie and I headed to the center of Main Street.  Since Kevin and Ainsley were still in line for Seven Dwarfs, we were gonna check out the show.

  • Special Party Event activity #6 – Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular
  • Specialty Merchandise – Light up Halloween Mickey Balloon
  • Magic Shots #4/5 – On Main Street and Poison Apple

On the way out we stopped at 2 different photographers on Main Street.  We got several “group” shots including 2 different versions of the Poison Apple magic shot.


Despite the Collins Family showing up 90 minutes late we still managed to hit: 8 Trick or Treat Stations, 5 Rides, 6 Specialty Event Activities, Snag some Halloween exclusive treats, and stop for 5 Photo Pass photographers.  I would say it was a spooktacular successful night.

Tips that helped us accomplish all of these things (despite the rain and the late start) was Maryann and I had made a list of the things we wanted to do prior to arriving at the event.  We also worked our way around the park in a circle.  Completing everything we wanted to do in each land and then moving on to the next.

For more Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Tips, check out our Pixie Dust Pointers posts.

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